About Us

Marinet is constituted as a registered company limited by guarantee. It has no shares and is run by its Members. Membership is open to all persons and organisations. It is run on a not-for-profit and voluntary basis by its Members. Being a company, Marinet has a Board of Directors who are elected by the Members. Marinet’s purpose is to seek protection for the world’s oceans.

Marinet acts through education, persuasion and campaigning. The priorities for our work, which vary over time, are determined by our membership.
Our work at the moment is focused on the following campaigns. These are:

  •  Reform of the United Nations Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) based on the principles in the book Conserving the Great Blue, authored by Deborah Wright and published by Marinet.
  •  The rebuilding of fish stocks in UK and EU seas.
  •  Advancement of the use and development of marine reserves, with particular reference to UK and EU seas.
  •  Opposition to Offshore Aggregate Dredging.

Central to all of these campaigns is our work on:

  •  The legal principles governing good management of the seas, and the implementation and enforcement of these principles.
  •  Evaluation of the European Union’s 2013 reform of the Common Fisheries Policy, and the EU’s implementation of the fisheries aspects of the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive.
  •  The very weak commitment by the UK and the EU to the use of marine reserves as a central feature of marine management.
  •  The approach of the Marine Management Organisation to the licensing of offshore activities and the validation of the MMO licences by Environmental Impact Assessments.
  • Implementation of the ecosystem-based approach to marine management.

Our approach to our work:
We take no money from government, and are thus able to take a wholly independent stance on the issues involved with the protection of the marine environment. We see our role as promoting strategies that deliver change realistically, and we do not pander to any particular interest, whether it be political, conservation or commercial. In addition, because we are not charity but rather a not-for–profit company limited by guarantee, we face no legal restrictions on our ability to address the political dimensions any marine-related issue.

Our independence ensures our integrity. Our independence also means that our finances are very slender with all our work being done voluntarily by our members.

Our independence is our greatest strength, yet poverty is our greatest weakness. We need funding to put ourselves in all the arenas, conferences and governmental meetings where policies are being forged and decisions made. We operate on the basis of donations, and will accept these from any reasonable source on the understanding that we are committed to no obligation of any kind in return.

Therefore if you can help in a constructive way, financially or otherwise, please get in touch with us. Nothing will be wasted, and all expenditure is fully accountable.

David Levy,
Chair, Marinet.