Aerial Coastal Photography

Those fighting to maintain their coastline, businesses and housing may wish to employ aerial photography to provide evidence of the decline of your beaches, defences and dunes.

The cost of overflying an aircraft to perform this can be quite formidable, but the operation can be accomplished by a ‘drone’ under the control and command of the observer so as to ensure that the record taken is precisely that which is needed.

The providers, Paul Sergent and Geoff Agness say:

“I would like to introduce ourselves and our NEW Aerial Video / Photography service that you may be interested in. The link will explain would we can do. We are currently offering a totally FREE trial with NO Obligations. We would be very pleased to hear from you and offer you a demonstration.”

Aerial Coastal Photography

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The conical white round building in the centre near top of the picture is the old now disused Winterton Lighthouse. It once stood not far back from the coastline, fronted by the original dune that was the dune face to the beach and sea. The Valley between that and the current coastline built up and accreted over the many years, now giving the new dune front to the sea. It continued to accrete throughout the years until soon after offshore dredging commenced, which reversed the trend. See the time-lapse photographs of Winterton

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