Brave Bryony fights back!

Determined Bryony Nierop-Reading is the only remaining permanent resident left near the decaying cliff top on Beach Road at Happisburgh following the demolition of nine adjacent homes last month, although her home moves ever nearer to the cliff edge due to the total lack of sea defences, which were allowed to decay and not replaced.

Antony Kelly's photo of Bryony Nierop-Reading in her fully equipped workshop

Antony Kelly’s photo of Bryony Nierop-Reading in her fully equipped workshop

Instead of capitulating to the temptations of the Shoreline Management and Pathfinder Plans by refusing to sell her erosion-threatened clifftop bungalow at half value to North Norfolk District Council and then moving inland, she plans to launch a Happisburgh branch of what she and her supporters hope will become a new national movement called Save Our Shores (SOS). To fund and devote her time to the campaign to fight coastal erosion she is selling her tractor repair business, the ‘Holland Brand Workshop’, in order to devote more time to tackling coastal erosion.

Her only fear is not the invading sea, but that should no buyer come forward then she would then have to sell everything piecemeal.

North Norfolk News reporter Alex Hurrell quotes her as saying “This new movement tries to let people know that this isn’t just a coastal problem. If we lose coastline, it has a knock-on effect for the rest of the country in terms of the loss of agricultural land. Temperate countries such as this are going to be the only ones able to grow things and we can’t afford to lose land to the sea.”

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