Is the new proposed High Seas Treaty up to the job? Marinet commentary

We provide here a copy of the Marinet Commentary, April 2019, titled Is the new proposed High Seas Treaty up to the job?   This commentary comments on the publication 30X30 A Blueprint for Ocean Protection published by Greenpeace (Germany) and Edinburgh, York and Oxford Universities (UK). The Greenpeace and associated universities publication proposes the creation of marine protected areas covering 30% of the oceans by 2030 as a central conservation feature of the new United Nations High Seas Treaty which is currently under consideration.

The Marinet commentary evaluates the Greenpeace and associated universities proposal. Also, Marinet sets out in this commentary the principles which the UN High Seas Treaty must be founded upon and observe without exemption if the ocean is to be properly protected.The UN High Seas Treaty is a once in our lifetime chance to secure the protection that is needed and, if the Treaty succumbs to half measures, it will fail. If the UN High Seas Treaty fails and does not adopt the principles which Marinet has identified, then Marinet believes the future is bleak.


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