“Ocean Drifters” : The Importance of Plankton – video

We provide here the video titled “Ocean Drifters, a secret world beneath the waves”, a short film about plankton written, produced and directed by Dr Richard Kirby (Marine Institute Research Fellow, Plymouth University) with a narration by Sir David Attenborough and music by Richard Grassby-Lewis.

The video explains the nature and role of plankton in the marine ecosystem.

Further information about marine plankton (phytoplankton : tiny marine plants – zooplankton : tiny marine animals) can be found on the Ocean Drifters website (www.oceandrifters.org) and a book about plankton also titled “Ocean Drifters, a secret world beneath the waves”.

The making of the Ocean Drifters video was supported by Carl Zeiss Ltd and the UK Natural Environment Research Council.

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