Scientific Studies from around the world on the erosion resulting from offshore sand and gravel dredging

Based mainly upon computerised assumptive ‘research’ made by those selected, appointed and paid for by the dredgers themselves, the British Government continues to claim that they are unaware of any evidence linking offshore sand and aggregate dredging with the rapidly increasing loss of our shoreline. But well founded evidence of the impact exists from researched empirical findings carried out by independent investigators with a more enlightened understanding.

Here follows a few of those papers published that are ignored by those wishing to see the activity continue.

Impacts of Trailer Suction Dredgers on Fish Stocks and its Implications

Offshore Aggregate Dredging and Coastal Erosion

Dredging and the Shoreline Impact

A new concept for sea defence walls

North Norfolk Dredging Induced Erosion in Eurosion Report
CEFAS find no recovery of eco-system damage after offshore dredging
Flawed EIA studies on dredging impact
UK study on seabed smothering from dredging
Dredging Induced Coastal Erosion
USA — Dredging damage in Alabama

May 2004
Germany — ‘In deep with marine environmental surveys — Exploiting sandbanks’
Netherlands — Assessment by Delft University

USA – Offshore Dredging Studies

USA — Navigation study for Canaveral Harbor, Florida

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