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Dredging Induced Coastal Erosion

Our extract from the European EUROSION Project of 29th October 2005 “…a project contracted by the European Commission to a consortium led by the Dutch National Institute for Coastal and Marine Management (RIKZ) for the period 2002-2004″ failed transportation to our new website, and the original paper too from Internet access. As it is still […]

A new concept for sea defence walls

Much thought has been given over the past twenty years as to the best design for coastal and sea defence walls. Now we have a new concept called ‘The TBLOCK System‘ recently developed by Alan Thompson MIMechE. It consists of a mass concrete structure which interlocks with adjoining TBLOCKs by a cut out down opposite […]

Coastal Defence Money unused

Millions of pounds of Government funding which was intended to protect vulnerable communities from coastal erosion is gathering interest in council bank accounts nearly three years after being awarded.

USA Video on coastal erosion and dredging

A 14 minute video from the USA on dredging and the resultant coastal erosion, showing the both causes of it and the methodology capable of correcting the loss of shoreline, can be seen by going to: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYMEh8kkRKs&feature=player_embedded If those of you who have your houses, businesses or beaches threatened by dredging and the Shoreline Management […]

Fathoming ‘Sand Waves’

Peter Waller of Felixstowe has been studying papers on Sand Waves and their mobility, and following much reading has come up with an interesting analysis.

USA Video on coastal erosion and dredging

A 14 minute video from the USA on dredging and the resultant coastal erosion, showing the both causes of it and the methodology capable of correcting the loss of shoreline

MARINET takes Dredging threat to Parliament

MARINET has enlisted the aid of Norman Lamb, MP for North Norfolk in drawing the attention of DEFRA and the government in general to the now rapidly advancing and escalating threats facing East Anglia due to the many combined aggravating government policies on dredging and its licensing, and the lack of any that could help prevent the degradation.

Destruction of Norfolk’s Golden Sand Beaches

The Government’s new generation of Shoreline Management Plans are the pathfinder plans for the coastal defence for all England’s coastline. Their policy of “Managed Retreat” is systematically destroying the golden sand beaches of most of England’s coast, so they will not be available to be enjoyed by future generations.

The Threat to Norfolk and its Churches

David Keller of BBC Norfolk tells of the coming catastrophe for Norfolk should no effective action be taken to prevent erosion and its causes.

A New Threat From Coastal Erosion

Increasing erosion and the failure to protect our coastline threatens a new hazard in the form of potential hazardous waste from former industrial and domestic landfill sites situated along the UK coastline.

Thoughts on the latest Shoreline Management Plan

Dr. Harry Buckland of Grimsby, one of our most active Coastal Group members gives his thoughts on the latest modifications to the Shoreline Management Plan, which notes some interesting comparators.

Double Dutch Dikes

The Dutch have long shown Britain how to defend their land from the sea and are now coming up with further innovative methods from which the UK could learn if only the will and sanity were there.

Evidence for the Anglian Offshore Dredging Association Confirming the Link Between Offshore Dredging and Erosion of the Adjacent Coastline

The following evidence confirms that it is the in-fill of the offshore dredged pits from the surrounding seabed which causes beach draw-down.

Offshore Aggregate Dredging and Coastal Erosion

  Yet a further paper has come to light on coastal erosion brought about by Offshore Aggregate Dredging in a paper entitled: EFFECTS OF MARINE SAND EXPLOITATION ON COASTAL EROSION AND DEVELOPMENT OF RATIONAL SAND PRODUCTION CRITERIA written by Emre N. Otay, Paul A. Work and Osman S. Börekçi It tells how such mining yields an […]

Evidence to the All Party Parliamentary Group

MARINET has submitted evidence to the All Party Parliamentary Group Coastal and Marine Inquiry into deprivation and disadvantage in coastal rural areas.

The Dutch, DEFRA and the Dreaded Dredging

For years public meetings discussing the issues of coastal erosion, saline flooding and offshore aggregate dredging have attracted regular comments along the lines of “the Dutch would never do it like this”. But until this week few people have taken the time and effort to visit Holland, speak to the relevant experts and assess the realities.

Correspondence with Phil Woolas MP, Minister of the Environment, about ‘managed retreat’ in Norfolk

Mike King who lives in Scratby, Great Yarmouth, has asked Phil Woolas MP who is Minister for the Environment to explain the proposal in Natural England’s recent report to allow a vast area of Norfolk (6,500 hectares) from Eccles-on-sea to Winterton-on-sea, and as far inland as Stalham, to be flooded by the sea. His letter to the Minister asks how Natural England, an organisation that is supposed to care for our environment and the unique wildlife in the Norfolk area, can propose such destruction, and whether Natural England are they acting on their own initiative or are following Government guide lines?

Mankind’s faltering efforts to protect coastal idylls from raging waves

Jerry Berne of Sustainable Shorelines Inc. sends us this item from the Times Environment News of 3rd May ’08. His response follows on.

Tyndall Forum : ‘How do we create a Sustainable Coastline?’

That was the title for the Tyndall Centre Forum held at the University of East Anglia on 10th September ’08. It was attended by 63 invited guests including MARINET and members of our Coastal Group.

Abandoning the best of Norfolk to the Sea

In addition to the Environment Agencies countenanced loss of the Cley Marshes, by failure to maintain the 500 year old shingle sea defence bank, we now have the abandonment of two more internationally acclaimed wildlife site, the RSPB’s Titchwell, probably England’s finest bird reserve, and the National Trust Blakeney Point, acclaimed as one of the ten of the UK’s finest coastal beauty spots.

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