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Marinet paper to OSPAR, 12th September 2014, on Descriptor 3 (commercial fish and shellfish stocks) of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive

We provide here a copy of the Marinet Agenda Paper present to the OSPARConvention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the North-East Atlantic made up of representatives of the Governments of the 15 signatory nations. ICG-MSFD meeting in London on 12th September 2014 which presents the case against moves to debase Descriptor 3, […]

Pew Trust’s preliminary comments on “EU fishing opportunities 2015”

We provide here the full text of The Pew Charitable Trust’s “Preliminary Reaction to Commission’s Communication Concerning a Consultation on Fishing Opportunities for 2015 July 1st 2014.”

How to Farm a Better Fish

We provide here a copy of the June 2014 National Geographic article on fish farming, titled “How to Farm a Better Fish”. This article looks at the issues surrounding fish farming, and possible developments which could make the industry environmentally sustainable. How to Farm a Better Fish National Geographic, June 2014 Source: www.nationalgeographic.com/foodfeatures/aquaculture By Joel […]

Defra asks: Should fisheries be managed by the UK or EU? Marinet’s reply

Marinet submission to the UK Government (Defra) on the public consultation (January 2014) as to where the “Balance of Competence” between the UK and the EU best lies in the management of fish stocks. We provide here the Marinet submission.

Fisheries reform and the restoration of fish populations can be achieved by “collective rights” management regimes, says Prof. Arnason

We provide here a summary of the paper presented by Professor Ragnar Arnason, Iceland University, to the 2013 ICES Conference. This paper outlines the measures, procedures and thinking necessary to restore global fisheries to health, and encompasses the idea of “collective rights” entitling communities to own access to fish stocks and to thus have an […]

Marinet statement to Westminster Forum, 10th September 2013, on what real CFP Reform means, and must achieve

Marinet writes to ICES to ask whether it can endorse statements made in the NFFO press release of 22nd July 2013

We provide here a copy of a letter dated 9th August 2013 which David Levy, Marinet chair, has written to the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) to ask whether ICES can endorse the upbeat view of the NFFO (National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations) that fish stocks in the North Sea are […]

Marinet writes to NFFO to question the correctness of their Press Release of 22nd July 2013 that the “North sea is teeming” with fish once more

We provide here the text of a letter from Marinet chair, David Levy, asking the NFFO to clarify the distinction between the NE Atlantic and the North Sea in their claim that fish stocks are once again “teeming”, to clarify whether the NFFO believes that fishing subsidies should now, under the current EU reform process, […]

Correspondence on Fishing Subsidies with EU President Barroso and his Cabinet

We provide here a series of letters relating to the correspondence with Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, and his Cabinet concerning the manner in which fishing subsidies have been granted to the EU fishing fleet and industry from the European Fisheries Fund (EFF). The EFF is currently undergoing reform, to be renamed the […]

Commissioner Damanaki outlines Fishing Subsidies reform to Marinet

Following Marinet’s letter of 6th May 2013 to Manuel, Barroso, the President of the European Commission, the EU Commissioner for Fisheries has outlined to Marinet how she, Maria Damanaki, believes EU fishing subsidies should be reformed. We provide here a copy of her letter dated 20th June 2013, along with a transcribed version as the photocopy […]

Marinet informs EU Fisheries Commissioner and Fisheries Ministers of concern over “accountability and transparency” in the disbursement and recording of fishing subsidies

Marinet has written on 20th May 2013 to the EU Fisheries Commissioner, Maria Damanaki, and the Fisheries Ministers of all Member States to inform them of the basis for serious concern about EU fishing subsidies with regard to the way they are being disbursed and accounted for. In this communication, Marinet has also informed the […]

Marinet writes to the President of the EU Commission asking for accountability and transparency in EU fishing subsidies

We provide here the text of the Marinet letter, dated 6th May 2013, seeking explanations from the President of the European Commission as to why EU fishing subsidies, which total over £1 billion Euros annually and are paid from the European Fisheries Fund, lack proper accounting procedures. This letter has also been sent to the […]

Marinet has produced a short 3 minute film in connection with its Reform of EU Fishing subsidies campaign

Marinet has produced a short 3 minute film in connection with its Reform of EU Fishing subsidies campaign which explains the severe damage caused by the current Common Fisheries Policy and EU fishing subsidies regime to fish stocks and the marine ecosystem, and how reform of these subsidies can lead to a genuine conservation-based Common […]

Marinet has launched a Petition calling for fundamental reform of EU Fishing subsidies

Marinet has launched a Petition directed at Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, and all EU Fisheries Ministers calling for fundamental reform of EU Fishing subsidies. Please sign this petition, and forward to others for their signature as well. The Petition address is http://avaaz.org/EUfish Petition text: “We call upon the President of the European […]

Marinet Petition

EU fishing subsidy payments total over 1 billion Euros annually, and are strongly implicated in the maintenance of over-capacity in the European fishing fleet which, in turn, leads to over-fishing. Over-fishing is not only destroying wild fish stocks – a key food resource – but is also causing severe damage to the marine ecosystem. This […]

Letter to the President of the European Commission regarding fishing subsidies

EU Fishing Subsidies, valued at over 1 billion Euros annually, are strongly implicated as a principal cause of over-fishing. Yet although these payments (EU tax money) are administered by the European Commission, the auditing system for these payments has been made effectively inoperative since 2007. We provide here a letter (dated, 6th May 2013) and […]

Despite what EU Fisheries Ministers may say, CFP reform is failing

The reality is that EU fish stocks can now only meet the EU’s requirements for fish for six months of the year due to depleted stocks and over-fishing, and the reform process has failed to recognise that a cardinal principle of CFP reform must the restoration of “food security” – namely, the ability to meet our need for fish for all twelve months of the year, and to do so year after year.

Serious Shortcomings in the Definition of MFSD Descriptor 3 : MARINET Statement, October 2012

MARINET has informed the OSPAR Committee considering how best to define the “good environmental status” Descriptors of the EU’s Marine Strategy Framework Directive that the definition being advanced for commercial fish and shellfish stocks has serious shortcomings and that they must be urgently addressed.

Establishment of Fish Stock Recovery Areas

A report recommending that “fish stock recovery areas” covering between 10-20% of territorial seas of EU Member States be established.

Marine Strategy Framework Directive

Central to the full implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) — and the genuine reform of the Common Fisheries Policy is the scientific definition of Descriptor 3 which addresses what “good environmental status” means for commercial fish and shellfish populations. MARINET has serious concerns that the scientific definition being prepared by the EU, […]

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