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Victory at last for sewage pollution campaigners at Whitburn, Sunderland

A historic, long fought for victory has been achieved by Bob Latimer and his supporters with respect to the illegality of sewage discharges to sea at Whitburn, Sunderland.

Surfers Against Sewage question the integrity of the Blue Flag awards for clean beaches

We record here research published by Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) on 6th August 2010 which suggests that around one-quarter of the beaches in the UK which are flying the premier quality Blue Flag are, in fact, experiencing contamination from local sewage discharges.

Pathogens identified in sewage contaminated bathing water

We provide here the full text of the publication Swimming in Sewage published jointly in 2004 by the US Natural Resources Defence Council and the Environmental Integrity Project.

Continuing Sewage Pollution of Beaches

From the many Combined Sewage Outfalls that have not been updated since their installation in Victorian times despite far higher population discharges.

EC to take the UK to Court over Waste Water Directive 91/271/EEC

The European Commission has today decided to take the United Kingdom to the European Court of Justice over non-compliance with EU environment legislation. The Commission is concerned that the urban waste water collecting systems and treatment facilities in London and Whitburn in North East England are inadequate and a threat to human health.

MARINET member explains storm sewage problem at Whitburn

from Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) being used by Northumbrian Water to avoid the building of properly sized rainwater and foul water sewers, and adequate sewage treatment works.