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Long term dredging damage to Thames fishing grounds

Fishing News of 24th October 2014 published an article written by Tim Oliver on the findings of the Thames fishermen who have seen their fishing grounds damaged by the intense dredging operations in constructing the huge deep water container terminal at Thurrock, on the north bank of the Thames, just 20 miles east of central […]

Tyndal research paper into Offshore Aggregate induced Erosion

In the hope of getting some meaningful empirical research performed that would conclusively prove the impact that Offshore Aggregate Dredging is having upon our coastline, MARINET wrote to Mike Walkden and P.K. Stansby, authors of Tyndal Working Paper 97 ‘The effect of dredging off Great Yarmouth on the wave conditions and erosion of the North […]

Erosion threatens Scroby windfarm stability

The continuing dredging of aggregate in close proximity to the Scroby wind turbines has brought about a considerable reduction to the Scroby Sandbank and loss of the seabed, to the extent that the wind turbines embedded nearby are now threatened with instability. Three years ago the deeply entrenched power line taking the generated power from […]

Marinet provides here its comments submitted to the MMO, 26th September 2014, with respect to licence applications for Area 296 and Area 494

Area 296 and 494 Letter to MMO 26th Sept 2014

Even more Marine Aggregate Dredging!

Despite the numerous protests made by Great Yarmouth Borough Council, the Parish Councils, MP Brandon Lewis, MARINET and the many individuals who responded opposing the application MLA/2013/00417 that was placed on Friday 1st. November 2013, seeking a licence to permit Volker Dredging to remove a further 22,500,000 tonnes of aggregate over the next 15 years […]

Further objection to MMO licensing further dredging off Great Yarmouth – 15th Nov 2013

Rather an elongated communication, but felt to be necessary to spell out the details so as to fully cover our concerns and to contain sections that could be used by others objecting to this latest application. ======================================== Friday 15th November 2013 Dear Monika Van Wyk, I write as founder chairman of MARINET, also as an […]

Marinet’s correspondence with Great Yarmouth MP requesting a “coastal defences levy” on offshore aggregate companies

Marinet member, Mike King, has requested to his MP that Parliament should establish a levy on offshore aggregate dredging companies in order to pay for coastal defences along the East Anglian coast. We provide here a copy of this correspondence. Marinet letter to Brandon Lewis MP, 7th March 2013. Marinet letter to Brandon Lewis MP, […]

Great Yarmouth Dredging Areas 401/2A/B, correspondence with MMO over new licence applications

Marinet correspondence with Marine Management Organisation regarding dredging areas off Great Yarmouth Marinet Letter to MMO ref MLA201300306 11 Oct 13 Areas 401 and 402 A and B Marinet letter to MMO 13 Oct 13

Marinet and MMO correspondence over the validity of the E. Anglian offshore dredging wave model

We provide here, in chronological sequence, the correspondence between the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) and Marinet over the validity of the wave model used by the offshore aggregate dredging companies in order to justify their dredging licences. The MMO is the government agency charged with responsibility as the regulator of these matters, and the wave […]

Great Yarmouth Dredging Areas 242, 361A/B/C and 328A. Correspondence with MMO over new licence applications

Marinet correspondence with Marine Management Organisation regarding dredging areas off Great Yarmouth Marinet Letter to MMO ref MLA201300338 11 Oct 13 Areas 242 361ABC and 328A Marinet to MMO 13 Oct 13

Great Yarmouth Dredging Areas 212, 240 and 328 B/C. Correspondence with MMO over new licence applications

We provide here correspondence between Marinet and the Marine Management Organisation regarding dredging applications for Gt Yarmouth. Areas 212 240 328B and 328C Marinet to MMO 27 June 13 Areas 212 240 328B and C Marinet letter to MMO 08 Jul 13 P.Gowen to MMO 10 Jul 13 Areas 240 212 and 238 MMO Response […]

Technology to assist Fauna Friendly Marine Dredging

We provide here papers supplied to us by Ray Drabble, marine engineer, which explain how technology devised by himself can greatly minimise the by-catch of fish and marine life (and thus their mortality) when attached to suction dredgers used by the offshore marine aggregate industry. These papers are: R Drabble Seabed Organic material relocating apparatus […]

Objections to Dredging Licence renewal offshore to Great Yarmouth

As you already will well know a notice of an application for renewal of a licence to further dredge off Great Yarmouth was placed in the local newspaper immediately following the massive loss of coastline, dune defences and beaches in April. Needless to say, considerable resistance has arisen in all quarters. Here as samples are […]

Dredging and the Shoreline Impact

A paper has evolved that predicts the long term effects of offshore dredging on the shoreline based upon realistic modelling rather than the speculative assumptions based on short-term unsound data that we have been exposed to up to now. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has brought our attention the item published in Vol.130, […]

Dredging Induced Coastal Erosion

Our extract from the European EUROSION Project of 29th October 2005 “…a project contracted by the European Commission to a consortium led by the Dutch National Institute for Coastal and Marine Management (RIKZ) for the period 2002-2004” failed transportation to our new website, and the original paper too from Internet access. As it is still […]

Aggregate Dredging and The Crown Estate — facts and figures

The Crown Estate published a report on 7th November revealing the levels of aggregate dredged from the seabed and the revenue resulting from this.

Impacts of Trailer Suction Dredgers on Fish Stocks and its Implications

Evidence dismissed that there is a huge level of fish uptake during the aggregate dredging process.

MARINET responds to attack from Marine Aggregate Industry

Ray Drabble, an independent marine scientist member of the Marine Conservation Society claiming no copyright, has invited MARINET to place his thesis on our website, as it shows the huge level of fish uptake during the dredging process (termed ‘entrainment’). His work conclusively proves that The East Channel Association of dredging companies should be evaluating his hypothesis and detailed research in their ECA studies, but up to now they appear to be dismissing the evidence and ignoring him.

MARINET’s video on The Impact of Offshore Aggregate Dredging – Part 1

MARINET’s 24 minute video presentation on Marine Aggregate Dredging providing a balanced view from all stakeholders, can be seen by clicking below. Although some of content is now several years old, the points of view remain topical. It is presented in three parts which may be played sequentially or individually.

MARINET takes Dredging threat to Parliament

MARINET has enlisted the aid of Norman Lamb, MP for North Norfolk in drawing the attention of DEFRA and the government in general to the now rapidly advancing and escalating threats facing East Anglia due to the many combined aggravating government policies on dredging and its licensing, and the lack of any that could help prevent the degradation.