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Beach Recharge

Is this policy destroying our beaches and wasting our money?

Coastal Erosion and Archaeological remains

The erosion of beaches and coasts, often due to aggregate dredging, can lead to the unearthing of significant archaeological remains, with examples from the UK.

North Norfolk Dredging Induced Erosion in Eurosion Report

The following is an extract from ‘Living with Coastal Erosion’ — Eurosion Policy Recommendations — December 2003. To see the report in its entirety go to www.eurosion.org/reports-online/reports.html Example Of Coastal Cliff Erosion The municipality of Happisburgh is a located in the county of North Norfolk (UK). Sediments are removed from the cliffs under the action […]

The Disappearing East Anglian Coast

The history, geology and meteorological events which have shaped the East Anglian coast and the likely impact of global warming.

DIY Dune System

Build your own marram dunes

Beach and Dune Erosion

Showing the stages of erosion

Graph of Dune Loss at Winterton-on-Sea

Dune Loss at Winterton-on-Sea from June 2001 to August 2003

North Sea Surges

The Major Flood Risk to East Anglia

Our Disappearing Coastline

This original document was first written on 24th October 1995 for the North Sea Action Group’s website. Although superseded by later and more topical information, it still contains points of historical value. (1) History Many thousands of years ago there was no North Sea. East Anglia was joined by dense oak forests to the European […]