David Levy – Additional Self Isolating Thoughts – Mar 20

Living with a Consultant Anaesthetist I watch in awe as she sets off for work every day not knowing what she will face.

A few days ago she passed down a corridor where drivers bringing in patients for elective surgery were waiting. They were also coughing and hacking in a very confined space. My wife has had no PPE, nor protective wear including masks.

When she told me this I was incandescent with rage.

Question: why were they not self-isolating and, secondly, why had they brought patients into hospital? Should they not also have been self-isolating?

The only answer I can think of is that they do not take this threat of the pandemic seriously.

All who have been asked whether they want to wait before surgery, and many of them are 70plus, have opted to continue.

The other view of this is that in this country we have two populations. One who cares only for themselves. Whilst the other goes to work for the good of the nation, irrespective of the risk they place on themselves.

Look at Italy, twelve doctors and hundreds of support staff have died due to this virus.

I say to the selfish : that karma will bite you in the arse.

I say to the people who think and act for others : you deserve PPE, protection, tests for yourselves at every opportunity, and my thanks for all that you do. That includes the lovely lady working long hours down my local shop.

Stay safe, wash hands and self- isolate immediately you suspect the symptoms.

David Levy

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