David Levy – Another Way is What Public Voted For – Aug 17

I am most aware that the tone of my blogs has of late been nihilistic, and that freaks me out as I am not that kind of person.

Unfortunately I cannot but come to the conclusions that I have. The implications of this are that I see our role as holding up the mirror — to both the NGO Movement and Government Agencies alike.

Without this action, I fail to see how things can change.

That Marinet is a lone voice has meant that decisions are being made which push the boundaries of acceptability.

A united challenge by the NGO Movement would slow them down. It would make industry do a better job in their applications for licences, and Government Agencies would be aware that their actions are under scrutiny.

What would really change the atmosphere of decision-making would be if the NGO Movement would take on legal challenges. They don’t — in fact they shy clear of them, bar none.

Why is that so?

I have already mentioned how they have positioned themselves in a neutral corner by charitable status but I feel it is more deep seated than that. The NGO Movement appears to have lost its meaning — has it been undermined by placed people?

That is certainly a possibility as I have met many who outwardly demonstrate attributes of sitting at the table of influence. Doing nothing.

Many now are trapped by their salaries, and that it is why Marinet will never take this pathway.

We cannot afford to lose our role, however pointless it appears at time. I believe the public would support change and Marinet is branching out into the cyber world, and I hope our efforts trigger that change as currently we are too academic.

I remain optimistic although fatalistic about current practice.

I am open to change, and hope our efforts bring about that change. Watch this space.

David Levy — August 2017


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