David Levy – Are you reading this, or is it just lying dormant? – Jan 16

The length, the breadth and the heights of writing the truth as we see it are as nought when it comes to the evaluation of the message which we wish to spread to the world.

Yes, in an age of wordage-overload, Marinet does think we have a different message to get out to those willing to hear.

The importance of that message is not in scale to the size of our organisation. We believe our message to be of global significance, and worthy of serious debate. But it is being side-lined by those who know about it, and is being lost as a result our failure to breach a barrier which could lead to commonality of understanding.

Why do we aspire so?

Truthfully, there are better placed organisations who could take these matters up. The urgency of marine eco-system degradation demands it of them, but it is not happening.

Marinet has spoken out, but by doing so we have upset those who for their own reasons do little. Even our own former ngo parent took against us, making it clear we were difficult to deal with and that we had to toe the line whilst representing them. From our point of view, the restrictions of keeping a low profile meant that we should have just closed up shop, and that would have left a gaping hole of inactivity.

We were not prepared to do this.

Our thinking has been expanded by the original concepts put forward by Deborah Wright who is a mother thinker for the planet. She says what is needed, and has forwarded via Marinet her work Conserving the Great Blue to every coastal embassy in London and Paris.

Those threatened by rising sea levels have engaged, and these were the active climate change organisations within the Climate Change Conference in Paris. Unfortunately they are small countries and have little influence on the global stage. However it is a start and a glimmer of hope.

2016 will provide the opportunity to take a selected volume of our articles and to seek publication and distribution for a wider public. We have already approached The Ecologist and George Monbiot at the Guardian for ideas to further our work.

Reflection is always an important tool when considering future strategy, therefore in January 2016 Marinet will consider our actions in the past, reflect on our successes and failures and plan our future course. We look forward to engagement, even when it conflicts with our own thinking and this is the wider purpose behind writing up endless blogs for discussion.

To my dying day I wish and pray that those who could advance our work would find the resources to do so, or find the ability to fund Marinet.

Not one penny of our resources is wasted on salaries or on an address that could be worth something. Our intentions are aspirational, our strategies are grounded in sound science, and we aim for greater understanding and to work with anyone who is working with similar goals, whether educational or of a campaigning nature.

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