David Levy – Around the World – Apr 19

Recently in the United Kingdom school children took to the streets to demand from their politicians that they protect their future by exercising responsible environmental management planning.

The response from our Prime Minister was that surely they should be in school and concentrating on examinations rather than protesting on the streets.

What the children are telling us is profound. On our watch things have deteriorated to a place where they feel unsafe and fearful for the future of the planet.

What that tells me is things are worse than I imagined and we truly are in an age of consequences. What are politicians waiting for? Is it the collapse of eco-systems before they act?

What are the judiciary doing? Laws are passed at European and national level and ignored. No body or organisation has the diligence or responsibility to action the law breakers. Countries break the law because everybody else does.

Our organisation is thinking and acting on behalf of children, but we are a lone voice with little influence to effect change. Yet we still try and have real options for the planet. But things have to change now for revelation and revolution.

Now is the time. The whole world has to hear and force their representatives to listen. The one power we have is numbers and, in most places, the right to vote them out and better in.

This brings me to the role of the philanthropist and wealthy. Our people need more choice and it cannot come from the grass roots due to finance. We need like-thinking to the politics of the current governance of New Zealand with the character and charisma of their Prime Minister.

She would have known how to greet and handle the voice of youth. Don’t we deserve the same in this country of ours?

David Levy

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