David Levy – Being a Passenger – Aug 17

There was an inevitability of catastrophe hanging over the passengers travelling on RMS Titanic, the ship of dreams and the unsinkable one.

When man has such arrogance that he believes he has conquered nature and that we are heading masterfully into the future, the result tends to be violent and a swift kick in the teeth. Yet we repeatedly revisit our failures, and make the same mistakes over again.

The message for mankind from Al Gore’s The Inconvenient Truth is that we need more humility or we will be recipients of our own destiny.

Couple to this platitude the fact that we actually care less, and have the morals of the damned whilst believing small ventures will be enough to rescue us, I fear that the World is nearly inherited by the Devil.

He has achieved this goal with our greed being the deliverer.

Marinet has always and will always aim for better for future generations, but I have to say the indications are really poor for any major change.

The work being done by Deborah Wright provides the answer for the oceans, but it cannot triumph unless the World gets together over the issue of enforcement. This is a subject not tackled or even considered despite the years of debate by the countries within the UN.

‘Stop the World, for I wish to get off’ is more than a song. It reverberates to the sense of foreboding that once settled on the Titanic passengers.

David Levy


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