David Levy – Brexit Chaos and Wasted Opportunities – Aug 17

The expression “the lunatics running the asylum” applies well to Britain negotiating our exit from Europe.

Pro-stayer May, much weakened after a miscalculated election, must be seen as being in a poor situation by those she is engaged to negotiate with.

Tack on to that the outburst, for home consumption, that British fishermen can fish to their hearts’ content as European fishermen will be banned from our waters, and the position of our negotiations are revealed.

Anarchy and chaos.

It is a daily revelation that our team charged with delivering Brexit is poorly prepared, and hamstrung by Government to debate our strategies in advance.

Is any situation worse? Maybe the devaluation debacle by Harold Wilson when the world knew what we were about to do a week before we did it.

This Brexit in the short-term will be a disaster. I wish to believe in optimism, but reality knocks and we have such poor quality politicians I can’t see the public getting a good deal. I predict a long period of austerity to get what was wanted from the vote’s decision.

What is equally disappointing is that this opportunity to deliver structure and security for the future is also about to be wasted, and that is inexcusable.

Future generations can look at my blog, and at least gauge my observations against history. I will gain no satisfaction from these prognostications and would love to be wrong.

David Levy — August 2017


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