David Levy – Can the conservation groups work to conserve in 2015? – Jan 15

Another year gone and, like the prodigal son, the complaints by the NGOs are trotted out with regularity.

Surely, leading up to regulation or decisions is the time to make your concerns.

The protocol of NGOs at the moment is to allow decisions to be made without real opposition, just advice. And then, when the solutions are not delivered, complain.

This is not the Marinet way, and this means we will also have difficulty building bridges with those who want to make hay when things go wrong.

Our current strategy involving Conserving The Great Blue is to reach out to the Ambassadors/Chargé d’Affaires and High Commissioners in each coastal country’s UK Embassy. This strategy has commenced with the posting of our engagement letter.

In my view this is one of the few games in town that has a chance of gaining legs. I put my name behind it because it is aspirational, and gives the only real hope I see for the planet.

I now need to know if it is more than just a cocktail-circuit topic, or whether it will attract supporters who will put their full support behind it. I fear the former, but I am willing to give it our best shot.

Best wishes one and all in 2015, a year chosen for many standards to be met in British waters. A year set in stone, when already the excuses have been rolled out for failure.

The question is can the conservation groups work together to conserve ?

I appeal to them to do so.

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