David Levy – Dazed and Confused 100 Days to Brexit – Dec 18

I watch with amazement as the clock bears down on the leaving date and the total shambolic situation drags on.   Am I the only one who questions why in the past two and a half years Ministries have not been instructed to make contingency plans for a no deal leave?

Only now has the PM with her Cabinet ordered a kind of Cobra planning to consider this eventuality. This has not been picked up by the media circus or MPs and clearly indicates that the Remainers have high-jacked the design of what is delivered.

The esteem we were held in has descended into farce led by our robotic dancer and this evaluation of our national pride is dented almost beyond repair in the corridors of Brussels.   We are a laughing stock and what is so unpalatable is the betrayal of the courage of the people of the UK.

Whatever your stance, they took a courageous decision to back this country for future generations and they have been sold a dummy which delivers none of the promises made by Mrs. May herself.   I expect that some reassurances will arrive with the clock down to zero, but will the MPs have enough courage to back the decision made by the population?

Young people have sided in bulk behind the vote to Remain and their decision bears some scrutiny.   I fear from what I see of current education that they would not understand why two-thirds of the constituencies voted to Leave.

Young people say that they have been let down selfishly by older people without apparently viewing the reasons why that generation voted the way that they did.   There is a disconnect which I feel everyday whilst confronting the fraud that is rife in our society today.

Please be aware that whilst we have been spot picking over Brexit, the Climate Change Conference came and went in Poland and it is unclear whether any progress has been made.

Meanwhile Michael Gove has launched a rehash of waste management ideas (now open for consultation again) which were put forward over twenty years ago.

It is difficult not to be cynical.

David Levy

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