David Levy – Do you have an idea running around in your head? – Nov 14

Within a few days the hard copy of Conserving the Great Blue will be with us from the printer, meanwhile the pdf copy is on our website ready for the world.

Reviews from the ENDS Report and comment from George Monbiot about Deborah Wright’s work accompanies it. Both can be read here.

What is significant for all Marinet members is that Deborah Wright has led the whole project herself, supported by us and others. She decided how her work was to be launched and has presented it to the world via the media. It is her view that has had prominence, and the direction has been her own.

Will her view be the final story?

I expect not. Like all great ideas it will gain a will and direction of its own.

I have always seen the concept of Marinet’s “Conserving The Great Blue” campaign in various stages, beginning with poorer countries realising that they had given away their fishing rights. By networking together, these poorer countries can form a power voting block within the United Nations, thereby regaining the management of their fish stocks.

This stage in the campaign should be the start of the avalanche, but where it goes from there will also be up to others.

My blog point is that if you have an original idea, or a bee in your bonnet that you wish to pursue, maybe it’s time to share it and see if it has legs. Who knows who is watching and where it will lead.

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