David Levy – Eight Days Left – Mar 19

Yes, the clock has nearly run down despite the protestations of innocence by our nefarious MPs to allow “leave means leave” hovering in the wings. The question on the lips of every sane person is, why did we waste three years getting here?

If we had negotiated with Europe from the start with them coming to us rather than us chasing them for terms that would always shackle us, we could have pointed out clearly that they send us twice what we send to them. Also we could have reminded them that the £39,000,000,000 was ours now we have left.

Any sane person was shouting this from the rooftops, but the Government were mainly 75% Remain MPs so it didn’t happen.

I am a great believer in government designing the mess which accompanies bureaucracy. They do this because they have lost respect for accountability and are therefore engaged in their sole function which is to develop the base of power from which they all spring. Add to these gremlins the oversight dispensed by MPs and the debacle of Brexit has reached the unpleasant scenes we currently see being played out on the political scene in London and Brussels.

The vision on television last night of our Prime Minister trying to identify with the people was laughable if it wasn’t so serious. The state of affairs is that we should, for the sake of leaving opt for no deal, or revoke Article 50 for stabilities sake. Kicking the ball down the road fools nobody.

I could never vote for Theresa May’s deal which leaves us worst off than remaining in the EU. Therefore I say let’s take the route we voted for. If we had voted for the Referendum the same way we vote for our MPs (by constituency), then 60% would have voted leave and they are rarely wrong.

Meanwhile Theresa May is in Brussels on bended knee begging for an extension, placing out country once again in ridicule and shame.

David Levy


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