David Levy – Emerging as the new Marinet Ltd – Feb 15

It takes a while to bed in the transition from being an arm of a national NGO Friends of the Earth to Marinet Ltd. The registration of members and issuing their certificates, the establishment of a new bank account, changing the website and many other things, all of which fall on other shoulders than my own. I thank you all for the effort.

Stephen our Co-ordinator has had a local issue that has robbed him of both time and energy and yet he still keeps us on even keel and I know you would like me to thank him on your behalf.

What has interested me most of all is the reinvigoration of members, and the emergence of new and resuscitated campaigns. This and our new structure have also attracted new voices to our membership, and I ask them to contribute when they can with articles for our website. Our future relies in no small part on your efforts to bring new thinking and direction to our directors.

Speaking personally, I am looking futuristically for my successor and that means that Stephen will probably also have that as an aspiration. For that to happen we would need to see people networking and building alliances within the campaign hubs. The secret of our success is the blending of minds and the melding of ideas from consensus.

What a mouthful, but that in essence is what happens between Stephen and I — almost to the point where others see us joined at the hip. Not true, we often have to resolve differences of approach. However we do, and that is our strength.

I look forward to the new year which is already two months old and wish us fortune and success.

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