David Levy – Evidence – Mar 20

The message which the world is receiving is that mankind has to rethink its commitments to the status quo and business as usual and, instead, commit to a different set of priorities if the world is not going to end in anarchy.

Take the foods we eat. They are far too much connected with carbon producing techniques. They consume more land resource than if we switched to plant foods such as soya, and for health reasons alone we should be making the move to a different diet.

But we are slow to change and our politicians are too wedded to things as they are rather than lead the world in things that could be.

I am a child of the public broadcast programmes where messages for public health were run on radio and television on a frequent basis. They were direct and got the message across, however simple the message was. The last great message was ‘clunk-click’ every trip and the drink-drive campaign had that kind of effect on the population.

In every facet of public life I believe we could have these simple messages.

For example, when you drive in the wet put your lights on. The number of people who do not do this now is about 1 in 15. I call them ‘Kamikaze’ drivers and I know they cause accidents.

Marinet has written to its membership calling on them to think about where they would like Marinet to be heading, and also to think of their own commitment to our work base.

To date the response is failing to address the issue of self involvement and that to me is of concern. I understand the issues are vast, complex and off putting, but our work has to start somewhere.

It could certainly commence from the grassroots, questioning why the environmental movement has failed to work together.

Many of you belong to other groups such as Greenpeace, Birdlife International/RSPB/ the Women’s Institute/ National Trust and WWF, to name a few.

I have suggested in other blogs the reason the movement has not worked together. However times change and our and their membership does as well. The ‘global’ emphasis is now for rapid change and the environmental movement should work together to assist in that change.

For those of you who have yet to respond to the last Members’ newsletter, please consider this blog before you reply.

Thank you – David Levy


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One Response to “David Levy – Evidence – Mar 20”

Anne Fielding
Comment posted on 21st March 2020

you are quite right david. I have been involved for the last six years with the anti fracking protest. It has been truly disheartening to see the unconcern and the hostility of the general public and the police. Luckily we were supported by the main environmental charities and some philanthropic business people.
Our faith in democracy has been shattered and it is hard to see how it can be renewed.

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