David Levy – Fisheries after Brexit : Government and the Industry need to focus on sound management and food security – Apr 18

The recent Brexit revelation has been about fisheries and, with a predictability based on fudge, there will be no change for the coming year. This has left a bad taste for national fishermen who were dreaming of the benefits Brexit could deliver.

From our point of view, the Government has failed to give an insight into their thinking for management structures so it is maybe as well they have further time to get it right.

Our thinking is greatly different to the strangle-hold the fishing lobby had over Government. With Brexit that hold is weaker and offers a real opportunity to deliver a full range of innovations that would deliver sustainability for fishery management.

The failure to give clear guidance to the industry and its people is poor planning but reveals the Government’s weak position in negotiation.

Historically we have given way when it came to our historic rights to our sovereign fishing grounds. This indicates where Government rate this industry — disposable or negotiable.

Our nation does not value fish food security and those politicians who represent us have other priorities.

I am not so sure that this is the right way forward.

Rather we should value the management style of Norway and others who rely on a sustainable fishery to keep their gross national income stable based on sound management.

What is being proposed by our fishery industry’s leaders is not this way forward either.

What I say to them is: the decline in fish stocks has occurred under their watch — and we demand something better.

David Levy


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