David Levy – Food in abundance everywhere, but none to eat . . . are you interested in the solution? – Nov 17

People need food — and this is where the future is currently absent from the equation.

It is disputed exactly what the percentage is of food we get from the sea, but that amount is shrinking.

Terrestrial management of soil providing for the shortfall is a dream, as are the logistics of population migrations and whether these costs can be borne by governments. The droughts and famines of Africa lead me to believe the world will ignore the plight of the poor, whilst we hoover-up the bounty that remains.

So we go back to the seas and oceans. This food basket is being robbed on a daily basis, and the markets of the wealthy nations wheel and deal in this commodity to sell it to the highest buyer. So once again, the poor are left with nothing but the scraps.

There is no doubt that some people do care, and they plan and network in the UN for change but their numbers are negligible and give small hope.

My question to all well-wishers is: why has there been no effort for enforcement of existing laws, nor planning for an international body to manage the sea before we destroy what is left?

Only a powerful and draconian body with absolute enforcement rights can halt the decline, and so make every fishing and polluting nation accountable on the high seas — with ships impounded and their catch unloaded at third world markets.

Many colleagues have scoffed at this proposal, but it is clear the only thing that will arrest the decline is something very similar.

How about networking for this?

David Levy


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