David Levy – Getting up to Speed with the National Grid – May 17

The good news is that renewable energy is fast becoming a problem for the National Grid.

When Stephen and I visited a farm that recycled cow waste products into electricity generation, what was causing the greatest headache was how to connect to the National Grid, what would be the tariff in order to connect, and at what rate would the Grid pay to the provider.

It is ludicrous that nuclear power is still on the Government table.

At best, and with enormous investment in the build and high payment for the power by the customer, this option is the Government’s chosen “golden child”. I suspect that a healthy nuclear power programme is essential for developments in the nuclear weapons industry, and this is the reason why the Government persists with a power generation choice which is clearly way too expensive for all.

I have said, “Good news”. So I want to recommend a potential for us all that is currently an idea but which has healthy legs indeed.

Whilst the National Grid is being upgraded, a Marine Industries Grid should be planned for. So opening up to the public an opportunity to invest in these marine generators and the infrastructure needed to get the power into a system of collection and distribution points around the kingdom.

If you consider tidal, lagoon, wave and offshore wind power as ways of generating electrical power we have the opportunity of providing anywhere from 28% to 40% of our national electrical power requirements, belittling nuclear’s 25% target with its additional and very substantial decommissioning and disposal problems.

It’s a no-brainer which the public can see, and I believe would support with their hard earned cash. Once that barrier is crossed, then pension fund managers would follow suit seeing the benefits for their portfolios.

It will take a partnership between the marine industries and a public profile promoted by far looking Regional MPs in order to put this together for a public launch.

What say you out there, are you up for it?

David Levy


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