David Levy – Global Meltdown – Mar 20

Self-isolated with little chance of that changing for months, I entered the world of Corona virus some months ago with a perforated colon and sepsis. IV Antibiotics cleared up the infections but I was a prime candidate for COVID 19 killing me if I went out and mingled.

Now most of the population is doing the same with the view of flattening the growth of contamination.

I have to go to the shops for food, but finding a time even at 6am or near midnight have led me to empty shelves and extra visits to provide what I need.

The advice from Government is always playing catch-up and flies in the face of simple messages that other countries around Europe (hot-spot) give their populations which is in order to save lives they must all go into lockdown until they are told differently.

What has been exposed in this country is the total lack of preparation for any such events in terms of resources, such as testing kits and personal protections for the front line medical staff.

Corona virus was an event from China last year and the mutation into COVID19 should have been predicted by our Portland Down advisors last year for Government action. That obviously did not happen and, most importantly, did not occur to any other government around the globe.

I trust China will not have missed the significance of the economic meltdown this virus could likely cause.

Due to our international interconnectivity, this will cause a major restructuring of markets when it is over. In China they have vast spaces and have a history of population manipulation to achieve end results, strategies which are not open to democratic governments.

When the dust has settled, I believe we need to really look at the lessons to be learnt for the future.

Meanwhile we are in the Dark Ages of the 21st Century where friends and family will be affected. I send you my personal best wishes for safety and good health.

David Levy

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