David Levy – How is Paris Going to Happen? – Dec 15

The debate in the House of Commons following the communiqué from Paris was a revelation.

A minister first of all praising the carbon reduction targets signed up to by the British Government and then, in the same debate, defending cuts in green energy options just introduced by the same government.

This minister is clearly delusional and, according to the constant head nodding, so are her front bench colleagues. How this government can persuade industry they are serious about reducing carbon output will be a trick worthy of David Copperfield.

Today Stephen and I had a meeting with the Environment Agency about a local waste provider who wants to build an incinerator in the guise of an energy-from-waste plant.

I will not go into the rigmarole that has happened resulting in planning permission being given, and the Environment Agency being used for that process to be started. However what I would wish to remind the Environment Agency about is that they should be the champion of the environment and, when it comes to carbon producing plants, they should be flagging this and other concerns to both local and national government.

They know this is the correct procedure for them, but with a shrinking budget and the fear they will be replaced they are fearful of the national government. This fear restricts them from being the champion we all need.

On a local level the EA are even scared of insisting that the planning application is heard in tandem with the permitting process. How Hills Waste, the Wiltshire Waste Solutions Provider, can build this incinerator without knowing what the costs are for the abatement equipment on the chimney is frankly stupid.

How can they seriously undertake such building costs without knowing what the costs are for the filters? The truth is they hope to get away with minimal filters, and having built it they will pressure the EA to permit it.

The company will pressurise based on economics, and this government will cave in. The writing is on the wall, and all we have to view is past history to know this.

That this project breaches the Paris Accord, and contributes to more carbon, hasn’t penetrated our national or local politicians.

That is why I know Paris was a failure, and not the success portrayed by those who make our decisions for us.

David Levy

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