David Levy – I’ll Tell You What I Want, What I Really, Really Want – A Reflection – Nov 17

I cannot profess to know all the ins and outs of marine interactions, or the laws and the functionality of marine law both national and international.

Of the initiatives launched around the world, all I can point to is my own compass which tells me that the problem is escalating well beyond restorative measures.

That I believe is down to a lack of awareness of what is needed — which is, the desire to change and the realization that we have crossed the tipping point of no return.

This means we are in the Age of Consequences, and they will be as varied as they are complex and profound.

What most people are is completely ignorant of the importance of the oceans in terms of climate and the ability to sustain life for all the communities of the world.

In my blogs I have for a long time pointed to the failure to really engage on the global stage with enforcement. This has told my reluctant brain that there is no desire to really change and that the powerful nations will exploit poorer nations for their resources.

Global greed will drive the unsustainable until it collapses. The signs are already there, but not understood. The problem of growth is that it cannot go on unless the source of the wealth changes.

Fish stocks are collapsing so the world fleets go further afield, and even change their targets to such things as krill, the food of many sea mammals including the largest ever living thing on the planet, the blue whale.

Marinet has tried in its small way to address the truth as we see it, but it has proved almost impossible to engage with the global players who could influence and focus the attention on where it needs to be.

I know this hasn’t happened because, despite all the effort they put in, change is happening very slowly. This reflects the supreme difficulty of getting nations working together.

As consequences start to impact on the world, the race for resources will intensify and the domino effect of collapse will lead to countries engaging in war to rid themselves of their own population and competitors.

All of this is inevitable now. Truly disheartening, yet we still send up a prayer for hope and salvation.

David Levy


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