David Levy – In or Out? The Question of our Generation – Mar 16

From the onset I have to say to you that my inclination is towards Out , but like the majority of voters I need to understand more about the benefits of going out, and the downside too, before I cast my vote.

I have personal opinions, but for the purposes of this blog I am addressing the issues wearing my conservation hat.

Opportunities present themselves if the vote goes in favour of leaving the EU. One could be easily beguiled by the prospect.

The “however” comes from evaluating whether the government and its agencies can deliver something better than what is there at present. The proof of that potential is not at all crystal clear.

So far in the debate the rhetoric has been about waffle, and not detail. It will be interesting whether a conviction politician emerges who puts meat on the bone.

The facts about the Common Fisheries Policy are ones of criminality and ministerial abuse of the Total Allowable Catches — TACs or ‘quotas’. The reform of the CFP made it illegal to issue quotas beyond the level recommended by scientific advice. But still this practice continues, and nobody is prepared to challenge the current round of illegality. Would the situation improve outside the EU?

There is no evidence that government and its agencies would behave in an improved way. In fact, their presentations lead me to believe that whatever restrictions exist now would be dropped by this government which puts economics ahead of any protections that are currently in place.

In retrospect, I have to conclude that I believe the scales of my decision are marginal — but favouring that we remain within our “leaking ship”. At least it is afloat. Just.


Marinet would make two additional observations to accompany this blog.

Firstly, George Eustice MP, the current Marine and Fisheries Minister in Defra, has declared that he is in favour of voting to “Leave” at the forthcoming referendum.

Secondly, two years ago in 2014 Defra consulted stakeholders on whether they considered UK’s fisheries could be better managed within the EU or by the UK Government and Parliament. Marinet responded to this consultation. To see Marinet’s submission, click here.

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