David Levy – It is questions which reveal the truth, and the public who has the power – Mar 17

Internal debate within Marinet over several issues has prompted this blog.

The ocean of arguments and debates, words and endless opinion which we are subjected to is the bane of modern life. Many believe what is said is fact. If the law says something, then it is done and must be so.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

One such example is the European Fishing Ministers who often exceed scientific advice in determining the size of the fishing catch. It is law to observe scientific advice, but corporate greed far outweighs the science that tells them they are destroying the foundation of their business.

Where is the collective spirit to fight the inertia displayed by environmental groups who fail to challenge this situation?

It is hard to think of any issue of significance that has stirred collective action by these groups. What remains are endless words, backed up by little action!

The Government has it all ways. They make the laws, and then they flout them. Any soul looking to challenge this cannot get access to the courts, and the economics often prevail on them to back off. It takes the resources of us all to take them to task.

It doesn’t happen, and by now the powers that be are only deferential to those with the financial clout to push for their agenda. Business!

As mentioned in previous blogs, NGOs have fallen into the trap of taking Government or charity money and this has neutered them from doing what they were originally set up to do. The money goes to pay salaries and headquarter expenses.

Marinet has decided too on its strategies. We have repeatedly reached out with open hands to others to work together.

The responses have proved to be negative, so we have to reach out to the public and hope we can gain recognition for the concerns we have.

Every generation is seduced to this soporific state where personal freedoms are eroded, and the nature of the planet is based on endless greed and exploitation.

The Facebook Society is where the youth of today reside. They are just as concerned about the state of things, but they do things differently from the way it was done in my day.

However their world is the task Marinet has to reach if we are to engage and have any chance of challenging “the rot”.

It starts with not believing in everything you are told.

Question those who tell you what you instinctively feel is dubious, and which the facts tell you cannot be.

David Levy

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