David Levy – It’s the One Time – Apr 15

Voting is a unique opportunity to make a personal statement of choice, but when all parties are so similar then what choice do you have?

I would indicate that your vote should be directed towards sending a message.

I have decided to muddy the waters with my vote and send a message to all parties that I have had enough of their inadequacies. I’m voting UKIP.

You may say, why not vote for the Greens? And I can see why you may, but it would be a wasted vote locally and more disaffected people will go for UKIP.

Do I expect UKIP to behave any differently from Labour and the Conservatives? The answer is no, I don’t, but their increased vote could shock politicians who have become complacent and believe that they will be in power by right every five years. It’s my only choice as I see it.

The Civil Service have been the point of continuity between the parties. To me they are the reason why change rarely happens within DEFRA.

After two decades of reform little has truly changed about over-fishing because they are complicit in almost everything that is wrong with this industry. The Minister is house-trained and is given the brief to fight for our national fish quota, which he does. The result is quota beyond the scientific advice and stocks that dwindle in size.

Until some agency challenges the legal validity of the actions of the specific Minister and his Ministry it is clear that they will not listen to those who request action to protect and grow fish stocks for future generations and for our food security.

At present this is an unknown concept to them.

That is why my vote has to mean something. Given a shock, politicians may realise the people of this country have had enough of broken promises and that they need politicians of conviction.

Today the differences between the parties are negligible.

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