David Levy – Looking around at the end of 2018 – Dec 18

This has been another year of unwanted records.

Unforeseen weather events along with the global assessment that we are doing too little to remedy our descent into a catastrophe of major events with colossal loss of life.

Are we registering these warnings and stepping up as a nation, as a global entity and even as planet Earth survivors?

Once again dear people, the answer is No.

The calibre of our attention span is worrying, as illustrated by the charade that is now Brexit. Around the world, the attention span it is purely focused on jockeying for global resource dominance and alliances.

We as a species seem intent on our own destruction.

All sound people and their good intentions appear to be ridiculed by the politics of selfishness and the ascendancy of self-centred people.

Marinet has stepped up to this challenge with university tours, speaking to those who will inherit our mess. Within our mediocre resources, we have taken our two films to show to these students the reality as we see it, and the response has been more Facebook and Twitter watchers and inter-actions.

Marinet has sponsored Deborah Wright to take her ideas and her book to meet international marine scientists in Vancouver and she has been well received, to the betterment of her book’s completion.

It is not clear what other NGOs are involved in, and their impact is largely an unreported world.

Our members constantly ask whether we can build links to other NGOs, but I have to tell them that most of our overtures have been rebuffed.

I send a Merry Christmas to you all and wish you an Eventful New Year.

David Levy

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