David Levy – New Year Message 2017 – Dec 16

2017 could well prove to be a defining year for the marine world.

Brexit will destroy and create opportunities for this and other European countries. What really shocked me to the core was that our country was able to take a vote without having the plans for both outcomes drawn up. Our Government bureaucracies were told not to do so by their bosses. So when the inevitable vote was taken to Leave, the vacuum left by this inaction is seen as weakness.

Our Government is to blame, and the people should hold them to account.

What I can tell you is that Marinet had a document of those things that we have suggested for change on Defra’s desk the morning after the vote. It’s on our website for you to read. The emphasis is for regeneration of the British inshore fisheries by taking control of our quota, and therefore gaining maximum value for each fish caught and thereby regional growth of our fisheries.

There are several decisions pending involving Marine Conservation Zones (MCZsMCZ Marine Conservation Zone) and the Marine Management Organisation and Environment Agency.

They are important decisions because they will indicate the value or not of MCZs, and the attitude of Government Agencies towards conservation versus business as usual. Until the NGO Movement organises against deterioration and takes poor decisions to court /judicial review, then they are not fit for purpose.

This will require that they fund themselves away from charitable status and maybe lose the salaries that cripple them. If they are not prepared to do this, I ask them — what is the point of their existence?

Have you ever questioned why there is not a current format where all sides of a debate are in one place? When you research the platforms that you go to they are almost always sectional, promoting only their own point of view.

Marinet is seeking to establish a platform where all sides to an argument can provide their own case within a structured 250 words which explains what they believe. This platform will be independent of bias, and will rely on the individual reader to make informed decisions. We believe in the power of public integrity where the individual will have the vote. Maybe we can inform, and maybe we can change through education.

Meanwhile Marinet will be independent of this platform and therefore new people will be required to steer this new venture. More later.

I send all readers and concerned conservationists greetings for the New Year. Let’s make it a worthy one.

David Levy, Chair Marinet

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One Response to “David Levy – New Year Message 2017 – Dec 16”

Comment posted on 24th December 2016

The challenge as I see it is persuading decision makers to think long-term. This is something politicians find challenging and we must either change that or take these sorts of decisions out of their hands.

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