David Levy – New Zealand – Mar 19

In this cynical age of believing in very little, it is with pleasure that I can say I have been inspired by a politician. The first time I really came on her was when the Rt. Hon Al Gore brought her on stage at the World Economic Forum’s Climate Change Conference alongside David Attenborough and others. She spoke from the heart and I have to say I was impressed and taken with her.

She has since been unfortunately in the news due to the right wing extremist shooting and killing fifty people plus wounding many others in a mosque in her country of New Zealand. Her humanity and compassion shone through the media circus that followed this event. What was more so was her obvious intention to call to action her country over gun control. It was immediate and within a fortnight she has actioned this.

When I look at my own country I aspire to be governed by such a politician rather than the fraudulent two party politics we have to endure here.

What has been exhibited by our politics is the self-serving debacle that is Brexit. 75% of the politicians were against the will of the British people and the design for our country has been based around fear stories and choosing between a pathetic deal which is worse than staying put and removing Article 50 and staying within the EU.

The contrast between our two countries is vast. I know who I value and why this country is so heading down the pan. The politicians in the UK have abandoned the people; have no direction worth a damn and the people’s choices on whom to vote are stark.

I appeal to any group of wealthy individuals who recognise the poor choice we have in the UK to form a new party based on the understandings of this being an Age of Consequences.

Our future needs to be based on an awareness of the best of what is out there rather than exploitation of resources that are already stretched.

It is the thinking you will find in New Zealand and I am grateful for this inspiration.

David Levy


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