David Levy – No Rule of Law, No Democracy – Feb 19

The House of Lords has recently shone a light on the sharp practice of flouting the discard ban by the fishing industry in UK waters and the tolerance of this by the UK Government. The justification is that all other countries are in the trough and why should we be different?

It is my earnest observation that we are living in the Age of Consequences where the rule of law does not apply to Government. The consequence is that Government will dispose of democracy so as to have their way.

Brexit is clearly following this path and it is a dangerous game the Prime Minister is playing because she risks the wrath of the populace when she ignores their will. In a small way she recognises that unrest and civil disobedience is likely to be the price of her actions, but she is intent on her actions.

Only a complete idiot would spend so much time in negotiating with the EU when the EU clearly wanted to teach us a lesson and will, whatever the outcome, be obstructive to the UK’s future direction.

It would have been in our interest to have spent the two and a half years talking to those who wished to speak to us, thus giving us have a direction we clearly do not have today.

In every aspect of life we see this meltdown in the rule of law, along with the fraudulent claim that fiction is fact.

The public gave a thumbs’ down to Tony Blair over his handling of Iraq based on fraud. Volkswagen’s diesel cars have been equally shunned when the company rigged their emission figures to meet climate change requirements. The public know when they are being badly served and, given a choice, will punish the existing shower in Parliament.

Meanwhile I fear we are travelling the road that will lead to disorder and public disquiet with possible rebellion. The fear I have is that this has already been anticipated and planned for, just like the neutered NGO Movement.

Whilst this happens, many consequences will also happen.

Then it will be too late to do anything.

David Levy

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