David Levy – Not one pound is spent on salaries – May 15

Not one pound is spent on salaries.

That is real time strength, and maybe a long term weakness. Whilst we in Marinet revel in this voluntary status, we are totally reliant on you the Member to step up with your time and dedication to engage with the issues.

If we could afford to pay salaries full time, then dedicated roles could be established to raise our profile. For example we could employ a media specialist.

The Marinet message is radical and I believe could reach people in a unique way, but they do not know about us and that is for me a worry.

When I look at funded organisations, I see that they too have problems of their own.

Taking charitable money restricts them drastically, and impacts on what they can campaign against. Most have taken charitable money, but few acknowledge the way it impacts on their strategies.

Consequently I see the nature of their existence being now far from their origins, and failing their members and the environment. This is not sour grapes, but an honest assessment of where they are.

I have in conjunction with our Co-ordinator advocated the volunteer route and also the present financing model of our organisation but, ever the optimist, I hope for the miracle of an inheritance to sponsor either a project or a specific role Marinet requires.

I would welcome your thoughts.

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