David Levy – Nuclear Waste and the Global Situation – Mar 19

The siting of nuclear plants around the globe is mainly on the coast.

It is so because they need massive amounts of water and a tidal environment to distribute things that go bump in the night. Trouble is that the tidal effect brings those nasties back and often the silts and sands are highly contaminated and radioactive beyond safety standards.

The public in this country often wade about in the mud flats and walk around these silted shores. If that happens here then as sure as eggs are eggs it will happen around the world.

With Climate Change sea water levels are rising year by year and the storage of nuclear waste is exposed to extreme weather events such as flooding. We only have to remember the Fukushima Nuclear Plant in Japan which experienced the offshore earthquake induced tsunami. Witness the devastation caused there.

Here in the UK I believe we have sought a solution to the nuclear waste problem of Europe by identifying the mining of granite in the Mountains of Mourne in Northern Ireland and backfilling with this waste. £Millions will go into the infrastructure of ferry port cargo handling and it is likely Eire is involved to.

What is not so sure is whether the public are up to speed with this development. It is expedient but highly contentious.

What are your thoughts on this?

David Levy


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One Response to “David Levy – Nuclear Waste and the Global Situation – Mar 19”

June Birch
Comment posted on 8th March 2019

This is a petition against it! https://bit.ly/2BusUSC

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