David Levy – On Land Respect, at Sea Forgotten Souls – a Reflection – Jun 17

I have stood opposite the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday and with head bowed in London at the Memorial for the Merchant Marine Sailors where I thought of my father who was blown out of a cable laying ship. I did so with respect for a generation who gave their futures for us.

What happens when it comes to getting the Ministry of Defence to protect the wrecks of ships and the 62 downed aircraft from WWII on the Goodwin Sands off the Kent coast with their cargo of dead service men — nothing.

The law is there in place to protect them, but not applied.

Hiding behind a wait and see policy, there exists a real apathy towards their memories by officialdom.

It is disrespectful and it’s wrong, simply that.

When you look at the reasons why this is important, you will find that a commercial aggregate dredging company at the heart of this apathy. They want to dredge these sands, although there exists an alternative which would not raise opposition.

At present a magnetometer monitoring survey is taking place, and all are playing a wait and see game. However it is faulty, poor science and is designed to deliver a preconceived answer.

With this attitude it will not be long before the D-Day beaches at Gold and Sword are subject to an application for aggregate sourcing.

Do you get my anger?


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