David Levy – Opportunities in 2017 – Nov 16

I am gratefully married to an East European and can now see the world from a different perspective, theirs.

Along with what I know as a traditional Englishman, I believe I now have an understanding that transcends what I used to know — which was sectional — and has truly become multicultural.

That doesn’t mean I swallow all the angles from the eastern world, but they operate socially in ways that we did back in the 1950s. They have a greater sense of family and traditional values which we have abandoned over the decades. So I feel positive about certain aspects of their influence on our culture.

Likewise I have had to look at the world from an eastern perspective, and not totally as the Americans would have us believe here in the west.

What I see in England are companies that are operating communist style reporting and blame-culture. Globalisation has effectively cherry-picked from all the worst case practices, and employed them everywhere — even here.

Why I have mentioned this in my blog is because alongside the worst case scenarios we also have opportunities that can help develop the world.

One of these is Brexit, despite the pig’s ear our politicians are making of it to date.

Another is Ecology 2017. A Putin-inspired Russian initiative which to me is an opportunity.

Marinet has put together a proposal to assist this initiative, and we are capable of extending this platform much wider. Russia has industry and universities, but what it does not have is the NGO potential. So we have sent our proposal via the Russian Embassy to give them a broader platform to extend the concepts of Russia Ecology 2017.

This is an opportunity to break down the misconceptions we have about each other, so that we can educate and also learn from one another.

My hope is that they take the hand of friendship from us and the other NGOs who want to stand together for the planet.

David Levy

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