David Levy – Over 100 kilograms of Consultation Paperwork and Wasted Hope – Aug 17

Moving house is an excellent opportunity to recycle all the accumulated mountains of paperwork one gathers from taking part in Government consultations.

I know, for I have been active during the parliamentary committee stages of the Marine and Coastal Access Act, the definition of Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD), the Reform of the Common Fisheries Policy, the Definition of Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY), the Coherent Network of Marine Conservation Zones (MCZsMCZ Marine Conservation Zone), European Subsidies, and the list goes on and on.

One inescapable conclusion I have come to from this experience is that the public are at the bottom of the pecking order and RARELY get thrown a bone, whilst industry have the ear and determination of Government to facilitate growth irrespective of harm to the environment.

In a few weeks the Hon. Al Gore will be presenting round two of The Inconvenient Truth. The original film had a profound impact on my understanding of how humanity has affected its environment and prospects. To me the failure to engage with his message, and worse to vote for the self-serving messenger of exploitation in the form of President Trump, points to the insanity of Humankind.

When I look at my recycling pile of hopes and dreams, I am so close to despair.

What stops me joining the realms of the selfish, the unthinking and the great unplugged is personal. It’s the child in a buggy and their future, and the desire to leave behind my mark that the future is better than what exists today.

What I can tell you is — this will not occur following the prescribed, government consultation route.

What we have to remember is the power of public outrage. It frightens those in power and leads to some change. Just look at how the system has quivered under the wrath of the community outrage over fire regulations in tower blocks. This is very real and is happening.

The people with proper leadership can deliver an earthquake to the existing order and system. For the past decade I have been coming to the conclusion that a new way has to be found.

My blogs have accumulated too but, unlike the paperwork, they reach out in hope for the New Macaroon Party (France) — and if like-minded people can work together for a better world with a sustainable future, I am there to assist and play my part.

What say you?

David Levy — August 2017


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One Response to “David Levy – Over 100 kilograms of Consultation Paperwork and Wasted Hope – Aug 17”

Comment posted on 28th July 2017

After fighting many a fight sewage in the sea, Marine Conservation areas etc etc and now involved in fighting fracking, I too get close to despair.
It’s only the integrity and courage of the protesters and the feeble self serving of the Government that keeps me motivated.
You have done some great work David so glad you are continuing.

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