David Levy – Proof of Life – May 17

In a few weeks we face a General Election here in the UK, and I have to say it does not fill me with anticipation or any sense of direction. This is the reality of modern day politics — all parties have a tendency to sound and act as each other, and our choice is the best of a bad lot.

This is a personal perspective and I respect the traditions of family history and voting. My father was a closet Communist who was grateful for his right to buy his home. This taught me that we choose what is in our best interest.

I expect voting will follow the same pattern this election, and the expectation is for a landslide towards the party that reassures us about Brexit. The young generation will listen to rhetoric not having the experience of history. Their vote reflects the unhappiness with direction, and this ought really to be considered by us all.

As the older generation, we know what a busted flush some view-points are. My sympathy and longing is for politicians who engage with options and who make far reaching decisions which provide for future generations, displaying a security of national planning.

Conviction politicians are almost extinct, but they are what we need.

Once upon of time I could point to the environmental lobby to demonstrate what I meant, but they have been neutered and those who remain are the worst kind of person, obstructive and self-serving.

In the local election where I live we have people who are called Guardians, and they engage with local issues and have made enough noise to get themselves voted in.

I believe this format could work as a new national party where regional issues take precedence, like State and Federal Government in the United States of America.

David Levy


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