David Levy – Reasons to be optimistic – Feb 18

Reading the obituary to Pat Gowen, done by Stephen, I was singularly happy to have taken on the Chair of Marinet and played my part in its direction for the past years.

Watching and encouraging talent within our organisation is something I am very proud of. I was reminded of our unique status following a meeting with Lush creative manager Charlie and getting his feed-back about where we shine and hold our own. It is important to work with others but not at the cost of abandoning our principles.

We would say there is a dire need to be different from the herd, when the direction and projection of where we are heading is ‘off the cliff’. This is the clear route that our leaders, nationally and international, collectively have us on.

To have ngos sitting around the table is not enough if action does not follow friendly chat. My own perception is sheep in concert with wolves.

Certainly the analogy is somewhat accurate if we look at past experience when it comes to consultation. Nobody rocks the boat and speaks out and specialists who are reliant on contracts dare not be confrontational and share their experience to steer a true course for the future.

When you take into consideration the shambolic nature of existing politicians and the direction we are being led, then it is with despair that I cling to optimism as my logical head is pulling the hair out by its roots.

But you never truly know.

David Levy


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