David Levy – Some Things – Jan 2013

Some things should be exempt from the party political whip. When a politician sees what in their eyes is inexcusable then they should follow their strength and do what is right. When Katy Clark MP went against her own party whip to lay down amendments during the final stages of the Marine and Coastal Access Act she did just that and gained in the process much respect for doing so.

What we need now is that same integrity for the issue of food security and the only way we are going to get that in our seas and oceans is by protecting spawning and nursery grounds for fish stocks and develop no-take marine reserves so stocks can once again reach levels that feed our people 12 months of the year. This is our duty and responsibility to future generations. Our government and its Ministry of Defra is failing in this task so we need MPs and MEPs to take on the role of guardians for the future. Without decisive action we will preside over ecosystem and fish stock collapse. The opportunities lie in debate right now in Europe and in the MCZMCZ Marine Conservation Zone ID Consultation.

When will politicians deliver for something beyond their own limited political life? When will they stand up to being whipped and do what is right for the environment in terms of conservation. When will Katy Clark MP have company from more of her colleagues ?

David – 20th January 2013

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One Response to “David Levy – Some Things – Jan 2013”

Pat Gowen
Comment posted on 25th February 2013

It certainly is now very apparent that our MP’s are now fully under the whip system and must represent the veiws of their party to the people rather than representing the views of their electorate to central government.

It were not ever thus, and cannot go on much longer before public reaction is engendered, it being another example of a totally unsustainable system.

The Brit’s, to put it kindly, are a very tolerant bunch (some would say apathetic) but they have their limits.
Let us hope that this limit is soon reached.

Future polls will show a very low turnout. But this is not apathy, only recognition that there is no point in voting when the policies of the major parties are so alike on the main issues and when electoral pledges and promises made in their pre-election manifestos are broken.

Nowhere is this better demonstrated than on their false reassurances given on environmental issues.

Best wishes,


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