David Levy – The “Call to Action” is addressed to You – Apr 2013

So many words have been spoken about marine protection that they are as numerous as waves on the shore.

What can I say to you that is new, exciting and stimulates you to action ?

Yes, I said action for just as the waves on the shore are wasted energy, our words are lost too without the action.

God (whatever that means to you) provided for all our energy needs. That provision is around us every day, and we have the expertise to harness it but not the will or the political drive to do so.

Our island is surrounded by opportunity to engage with the power of the oceans, currents and prevailing winds.

Yet, we shackle ourselves to antiquated energy technologies with all their polluting side effects – oil and gas and their carbon footprint, nuclear and the storage problem of its waste.

Our governments have shown no leadership, and just respond to who can deliver what. This means that industry puts up the money, and governments underwrite their investments with monopoly price controls – and we allow it.

In this country we have little experience of uprising and people power. Our mentality is more akin to queuing, a stiff upper lip and bearing the load. Very laudable, but totally useless when it comes to holding our system to account.

Meanwhile back in the world of food security and marine protection, the clock is ticking and time is in short supply.

Most of our European fish stocks are under threat of extinction from subsidised fishing fleets, equipped with the most advanced technology and equipment to sweep the seas clean of all food — and we allow this without a complaint.

Put simply: on the one hand, in these days of cameras and remote control security, we are not given the means to monitor what is going on at sea . . . . whereas, on the other hand the fishing fleets get all the latest electronic fish finding equipment that they need !

Is it not clear to you that we have to fight for our children’s food security future?

For if we don’t, who will?

David Levy


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