David Levy – The Time Is Ripe – an August Reflection on 2019 – Aug 19

The so-called Third World is actually the rediscovery of ancient civilisations that are coming to terms with the 21st Century. Foremost amongst them are India and China.

In my opinion these two nations have a crucial role to play in the monitoring and enforcement of responsible resource management. They have the technical ability and manpower to firstly call for and then deliver global enforcement of a new management of our oceans where the mantra will be “do no harm”.

To understand this paradigm shift in thinking, you must first accept that resources are under global threat from the economic model of the established world.

This established thinking believes that you can always expect growth and capital from exploitation whilst, at the same time, be criminal in this operation so long as you don’t get caught. Even then, you get away with any criminality because nobody prosecutes you for your behaviour.

Third World countries have a moral high-ground from which to enforce fairer terms in the law which governs the management of global resources . Also, these countries have the trained staff in sufficient numbers to man a global authority structure akin to NASA.

They may also be able to lead the world in the United Nations, showing how to deliver the practicalities of this new approach; and, along with those countries in the Pacific Rim, they could well emerge as the focus for change in this twenty year old new Millennium.

Countries like the UK, Europe and the USA have been exploiting long enough and need to relinquish the power to other countries who may appreciate this thinking.

Something has to change.

The fact is that in the UK and the “old world” we have lost the moral argument by our criminal behaviour and our failure to enforce the laws which we signed up to.

David Levy


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