David Levy – The TV programme that really needs making – Apr 18

An interesting discussion broke out this week with a colleague who was challenged about plastics. Did she know what a serious problem they were? That this caused her to nearly tear out her hair passed unnoticed by the questioner. “What”, she exclaimed, “do you think I have been telling you for the past ten years?”

This homily reminds me of a known truth. We can try to communicate a problem to you for years — check my blogs to see if this true — but it takes only five minutes as a bye-line of the programme Planet Earth Two and everyone wakes up.

Recently I have become increasingly upset and frustrated with scientists and those holding environmental standing with the public because they have not used their position to bring home the honesty of our deteriorating environmental picture both on land and at sea.

I am sick of witnessing the wonders of nature in the media with repeated shots of its bounty when they are daily being raped for corporate profit. Isn’t about time the negative side of humanity was exposed?

The facts are that many household names of animals and fish may well be extinct in our lifetimes and we need a global action network to arrest this decline — and it needs to be done now.

I apologise to a ninety year old broadcaster who has donated his life to the wonders of our world for our education, but I truly believe something different is needed before it is too late with the tiger, elephant, blue whale, shark and rhino vanish, shot for their penises, horn, tusks and fins, whilst the whale cannot find its food krill because we harvest them for cosmetics.

Now that’s a programme that needs making.

David Levy

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