David Levy – The urgent need to hold fraud to account – Jun 18

Why is it that Government have done almost everything in their power to destroy and force into the wilderness nearly all opposition to their governance?

Could it be that the system is corrupt and is so full of fraud, resulting in no real opposition?

Certainly we point the finger at countries like Russia and African countries as examples of where money corrupts absolutely. Whereas here in the UK we apply a holier than thou face, when in fact we are worse because we should know better.

It is a similar approach as when we talk about our National Health. Once upon a time our standards were the envy of the world, but now we lag behind many other countries whilst still pretending we are the best.

We have so much to learn from other systems, especially in the field of waste. Instead we use our economy to attract the best from overseas whilst failing to educate enough of our own people to run our own system.

Bureaucracy’s whole aim is to create more activity to engender more jobs to bolster the edifice of its role.

We seem to have forgotten the fact that hospitals ran efficiently with few administration staff, yet today the administrators outnumber the medical staff. Their job and their focus is all about applying unacceptable levels of pressure on those who do the face to face with the patient. This is one example of the unacceptable face of bureaucracy.

If your answer to me is the world is a much more complicated place and it is needed, I would strongly disagree and point to this as being the source of much needed pruning. Spend on the patients, not on salaries that only produce more administrative activity. Put the emphasis of resources on the patients’ welfare.

It is a fact that not one Ministry produced plans for a post Brexit UK and consequently they were playing catch up and most have not done so, even now.

The role of the public and of accountability is sorely missed in our society.

We were lucky that for years the influence of Victorian morals and social design provide a pro forma of what our society should look like and so contributed to its design.

It was not the Ministries that led the UK but individuals, and this was when the UK was a world power. Now we are a part-player who has lost influence in world opinion.

We need to find our way again and that starts by holding to account all those levels of fraud you that you see in everyday life.

David Levy


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