David Levy – Two and a Half Years Wasted – Jan 19

When the Leavers won the vote an opportunity to bond together politicians from all political persuasions with representatives from Industry and NGOs to form a committee designed to deliver the vote was sorely missed. What we were given was an MP/PM who was a Remainer and clearly had limited negotiating skills.

Not one person you might speak to would advocate relinquishing £39,000,000,000 without using that to get what you wanted. She did, and worse — she left us accepting their terms which broke all of her promises to the nation.

If she runs the clock down and skittish MPs fearing the propaganda of a No Deal Leave scenario vote for what is on the table, the shame and humiliation and bad decision will leave the public divorced from their representatives in Parliament.

We will have lost what was voted for and Democracy will suffer because of the design by Remainers to defy the population. Scare tactics will be another factor in the mid-January vote.

I hope their vote goes against them and we once again find ourselves in our island, with our money and Commonwealth connections and open ourselves to the world trade options. Russia, China, South American and the Pacific Rim Countries are there waiting for a new start but we need a country up to the challenge and on current experience we will not be up to it.

Maybe we can install an over-sight coalition to deliver whatever the decision will be.

I pray it will not be Theresa May’s.

David Levy

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