David Levy – What is Wrong With Us? – Feb 19

Whenever the public in France see a grievance, watch out authority for it will hit the streets. Water cannon, baton charges and burning wrecks of vehicles are the visual evidence of people taking to the streets. It is ingrained into their psyche that the argument with authority is worthy of their attention and action.

How strange it is that we need to learn from the French in our current situation. However there is a precedent in our history if you are prepared to look for it.

The emergence of Extinction Rebellion at this time with their non-violent confrontation rhetoric is not a coincidence in my opinion. It appeals to the Britishness of those who feel disaffected with current politics and want to show their opposition. It will also appeal to the hotheads who want to take to the streets and get involved.

It has all the classic signs of being designed by those who want to gain information and security through ‘advanced warning’ — and who would that be?

Most reasonable members of the public believe that if they follow the design laid for them by Government, then they can win in the consultation process. The belief is extraordinary and demonstrates that we are at heart believers in that Democracy, even when it clearly has been corrupted.

I take my hat off to the control that Government now exerts over our populace.

I also wish that those who have similar thoughts as myself would organise into a choice for the people of this country.

We who believe in Democracy need to have politicians worthy of our vote, but this does not exist in the structure of politics today.

Each party has individuals who should gravitate towards a cross-party unity approach to ruling this nation. We are fractured, haemorrhaging support and unworthy of this great public we have.

The alternative is to be watched on (CCTV ) as we move towards a “ Perfect Day “ society (Ira Levin) with Big Brother directing our lives. We are not far from that now.

Meanwhile back in France, the government there has no choice but to accede to the wishes of the masses rather than suffer ongoing anarchy.

Food for thought.

David Levy


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